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Here at The Swamp, we have beautiful indoor and outdoor creative multi-use spaces including a deck with a breathtaking view of the natural wetlands and forest ecosystems we are situated on, and a comfortable listening room with multiple sets of monitors to suit your fancy.  We use these spaces for a myriad of things including songwriting, casual listening, checking mixes, for taking a break from the intense process of making a record, and sometimes even tracking.  We want to provide the perfect atmosphere for you to maximize your creativity here at The Swamp.  Our cabin is your cabin.


At The Swamp, we like to record old school, with multiple people in the same room tracking live.  When we overdub, we often try to have multiple people playing or singing at once as well.  We believe there is a magic created by multiple people making music in a room, and our job is to capture that magic.  We employ a hybrid analog, class A recording single chain with top of the line converters and a DAW based setup for flexibility and editing.  We try to commit to sounds during tracking and often print eq and compression to tape. This ensures the artist's vision captured in the session is preserved.  We take pride in the quality of our captures, providing our artists with 3D and immersive sound that competes with or exceeds other studios costing more than twice as much.  Book a session at The Swamp today to find out how amazing your art can sound.


Similar to our recording philosophy, we believe that the best mixes happen on an old school console, and that's why we have one.  We utilize a hybrid analog mixing rig that allows us to marry the advantageous of a modern automated workflow with the sonic superiority of analog outboard processing.  Here at The Swamp, we don't take the assembly line approach to mixing - we treat each song with the unique sensibility and style that it needs without sacrificing the lush, expansive sound quality that remains the bedrock of our work.


The Swamp offers in house arrangements and orchestration for any ensemble type, from string quartets and orchestras to jazz combos and big bands.  We want to be able to provide the lush backdrop of cinematic and scored textures that you have always wanted in your music.  Our job is to make your artistic vision a reality, and we know that one important ingredient is giving you access to the same sonic landscapes that are usually reserved for Capitol Studio A and Abbey Road.


We have established relationships with some of the best session musicians available in the twin cities.  No matter what genre of music you are making, we know the people that will take your project to the next level.  Whether it be hiring a full backing band for a pop production, or just a single musicians to overdub to pedal steel, let us take care of finding the right musicians for your record so you can focus on the music.


Our website provider does not currently host high quality streaming audio.  The audio playback on this site is limited to 128kbps .mp3.  For the full experience of the sonic quality The Swamp has to offer, click HERE for a downloadable Hi-Res .wav version of our sampler mix.

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