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A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Colin grew up playing along with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin in his bedroom from the age of 8.  He played in many groups through his teenage years before attending St. Olaf College to study music composition and theory.  In college, Colin began making records for the bands that he played in and after graduation he started a small business providing live sound, broadcast, and studio engineering for clients based around the twin cities.  A few years after that, Colin opened The Swamp to provide the local music scene with a studio utilizing an organic approach that can produce world class recordings.  A talented songwriter, arranger, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist himself, Colin is a natural fit for the role of producer or engineer on a recording project.  Over the years Colin has worked with many notable clients, some of whom have been nominated for Grammy awards, including Lissie, Micky Dolenz, The Suicide Commandos, Nachito Herrera, Chris Koza, Al Church, Mick Sterling, Humbird, Adam Levy, Jillian Rae, Debbie Duncan, Chris Hawkey, Warren Thomas Fenzi, Becky Schlegel And The High 48's, Brat Pack Radio, The Missing Letters, Dayton Hollow, The White Iron Band, Wizmology, The Parkway Theater, and Minnesota Public Radio.

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